5 Thermomix Tips


One comment I hear a lot at Thermomix Demonstrations is ‘I wish I knew that earlier!’ It’s often about some small tip I give or a way another owner has used their own Thermomix recently. But it’s pretty common. So I recently asked my local Thermomix community, and on my Facebook blog page, what was something they wish they’d known when they first received their Thermomix.

Here are a few of their responses as well as a few tips I give out.

  1. You can use your Varoma as a colander! It mostly fits well into your sink and is wide enough to not splash hot water everywhere.
  2. Once you’ve finished cooking something, place your MC (Measuring Cup!) upside down on your bench, then your lid upside down on top of your MC. All the mess will be facing up and not on your clean bench top!
  3. Fill your ThermoServer with hot water and place your Varoma on the top with your wrapped dough inside. The heat from the steam of the hot water will help prove your dough quicker.
  4. There’s a knack to using your spatula – it’s actually made to fit the shape of your Mixing Bowl. Remember to use it clockwise at the blade level (as it’s against the back and blunt side of the blade) with the back of the spatula in towards the nook of the blade. You’ll find it scrapes around the bowl perfectly.
  5. TM5 owners – you probably already know that you can bookmark your recipes, right? I learnt recently that even while you’re in the middle of cooking a Guided Recipe you can access the home screen > Menu > Recipes > Select your Chip and get to the point in a second recipe where you can see the ingredients (scroll down once you’ve selected a Recipe) so you can prep for what you’re cooking next. Think Bolognese and Béchamel Sauce.

What are your Top 5 Thermomix Tips for new owners?


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