Green Smoothie Freezer Packs

Earlier this year I hosted a Cook-a-long with a bunch of friends and we made our favourite Freezer Meals. It was such a fun day! We had heaps of laughs, made so much good food and had enough dinners to last us each for the rest of the month!

One of the Freezer Meals we made were these Green Smoothie Freezer Packs – pre-made smoothie packs that could make breakfast or that mid-morning pick me up easy to grab, blitz and go.

We didn’t really follow a recipe for these. It was a matter of deciding what we like in our smoothies, chopping up a bunch of fruit and dividing them amongst ziplock bags to freezer. We did make sure we squeezed as much air out of them as possible – and if you want you can blanch your greens before freezing them to ensure the colour is retained. But we decided against that because, well, we just didn’t feel like adding that to what we were already doing for the day.


The Tips I have for these bags are:

  • Use Seasonal Fruit – using what’s already ripe and in season will make the packs easier and much cheaper to make
  • Don’t be afraid to add herbs – parsley is great for green smoothies.
  • Have everything chopped and all the bags ready to go, makes packing them easier.
  • Buy the spinach in a LARGE bag – again, cheaper.
  • Use Spinach alternatives if it’s not in season. Or don’t make them ‘Green’ Smoothies.
  • If you are using Spinach, then be sure to add some Orange in with that bag as the Vitamin C will help you absorb any Iron you get from the Spinach.
  • Add nuts, seeds, maca powder etc – they freeze well too.
  • Don’t fill the bags up!! That’s a lot of smoothie! Just under half way for one portion should do it.

Once you’re ready to whip one into a smoothie, dump the contents into your Thermomix with your choice of liquid – Coconut Milk/Water/Cream, Milk, Almond/Nut Milks or even just water – around 300g of liquid works.  I always blend for 1 Min/Sp 9 to get the smoothest texture. Drain and enjoy!



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