My Top 5 Favourite Cookbooks.


I once read a quote that said something along the lines of ‘we only really create 6 recipes from a cookbook’ and when you think about it, that’s generally true. I read that years ago and since then I’ve attempted, not once but twice, to cook every single recipe from a cookbook. It’s always a fantastic challenge as I find myself creating dishes I wouldn’t have looked twice at, discovering different flavour combinations and pushing myself outside of that 6 recipes comfort zone.

I’m always conscious of my new cookbooks now and always attempt to get the most out of them. A cookbook to me is like a good novel. I love to read them, cover to cover. I’ll happily sit and read recipes, methods and drool admire the beautiful food photos that are so carefully and loving put together. It’s a dream of mine to write and produce a cookbook, I’ve found that the more experience I have with food and Thermomix and cooking, the more I want to inspire others to cook and love food as well.

My bookshelf is overrun by cookbooks and while I love them all, there’s always a select couple I reach for. For birthday cake. A healthy dinner. Something quick and easy that the whole family will eat. So if you’re just starting out or wanting to expand your own cookbook collection, here are my Top 5 Must Have Cookbooks.

  • The Happy Cookbook, by Lola Berry. One of my ‘Cook All the Recipes’ challenges was based around this book and I’d do it again. Berry has created a focus on getting the most nutrients into her simple but tasty recipes. I love it because I can eat everything in the book without fear of food reaction too!
  • 30-Minute Meals, by Jamie Oliver. My bookshelf is an Ikea cube-like shelf and nearly two of the ‘boxes’ are taken up with my much loved Jamie’s cookbooks. Out of all of them, I reach for his 30MM the most. Each meals has a main, two sides and {generally} a dessert. I generally leave out one element for our smaller family but the mains are so easy to recreate, and once you’ve got them down pat, really do only take 30 Minutes {especially with the help of my Thermomix!}
  • Something for Everyone, by Louise Fulton Keats. Written for cooking with the Thermomix, this is my most used Thermo Cookbook on my shelf. Family friendly meals, school friendly baking and my favourite Flourless Biscuits recipe. It’s a must-have for all families.
  • Seasons, by Donna Hay. I have many many Donna Hay cookbooks {and a few of her magazines} and this one is the most well used. It was the other I used for one of my challenges and still a favourite. I love it’s focus on eating what’s in season, it’s the best way to get the most flavour out of food as well as kinder on the budget.
  • Day to Day Cookery, by I.M Downes. If you did Home Ec in Australia at any point, you’ll have your own copy of this household staple. It was the first one I had when I moved out of home, my copy is well work, food splattered and still used. It hold’s my favourite recipe for omelette, different methods for cooking chicken and all the baking recipes to fill a display cabinet. Another must have.

While I love these, I always covert any new cookbook that comes into my home. I recently had the pleasure of cooking from Dani Valent’s upcoming Thermomix cookbook ‘Entertaining with Dani Valent’ and can not wait to get stuck more into it. Before we recently moved I bought a box of second hand books and in it Peter Gilmore’s Quay has taken pride on my shelf, along with a bunch of new-to-me books that need decidedly more food splatter on them.

What new recipe are you going to make this week?


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