Basic Dinner

Life seems to be busy lately, and when it has this busy flow I tend to forget to menu plan. I know, I know that the busier times call for more planning, but it’s one thing that passes in one ear and out the other. Then before I know it, it’s Thursday and there’s nothing prepared for dinner and I haven’t been shopping for the family (only my Thermomix cooking class!) for about a week and a half….

With a tight budget, take-away is out of the question so I raided the fridge for leftovers. None. Then I went back and raided it for whatever I could find and throw together.


Sometimes it’s the simple dinners that taste the best. I just love my Brussel Sprouts and when they’re in season nearly always have them in the fridge. I pulled them out and chopped them fine then sheared the corn from a fresh cobb that I’d impulsively grabbed while Class Shopping. After dicing some garlic I threw them into a hot pan with some coconut oil and tossed till they started going soft.

It wasn’t enough. So another raid found the Prosciutto I’d had in there (still before it’s BB date!) so I pulled some of it into strips and added it to the hot pan with the leaves of 2 sprigs of thyme. Lastly, I cracked the remaining 2 eggs in the fridge into the pan and tossed them all together with some S&P.

There wasn’t much of it to go between two adults so I toasted some Gluten Free toast before piling it onto that on our plates. A sprinkling of leftover feta from the class and dinner was ready!

If I’d thought about it at the time a squeeze of lemon juice would have made a great addition, but by the time it was ready, I was too hungry to think of that.

Dinner Basics can be a simple fridge raid – veggies chopped finely so they cook quickly and tossed with some protein. A egg is almost always available or some shredded chicken, perhaps a tin of tuna, or even some tofu. Whatever floats your boat. Cooked quickly in a good oil (extra virgin or coconut preferably) and eaten on toast or if you can be bothered, mashed potato, rice or polenta.

Make a basic Dinner at your place and share it with the Mix Taste Eat community here on Facebook.


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