About Daneyl

Hi, I’m Daneyl and I love food.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a love of food. From learning to cook Spag Bol and the classic Mac and Cheese at home with my parents, experimenting with the cheapest cuts and staples while at Uni to working in Gourmet Deli’s and fast paced Cafe’s. I just love food.

I love every aspect of it. Where it’s come from, how to prepare it and how it tastes. Learning the foods that go together, like the Moon and the Stars. Chocolate and Chili. Beef and Red Wine. Peaches and Vanilla.

I mostly love the community around food, how people all around the world will gather together over a meal. It’s done in every country, nothing brings humans together more than food, and anything that brings us together is a good thing in my book.

Lately my love for food has evolved, from learning about it in my kitchen to inspiring others to cook more in theirs. I get to show families how easy it is to prepare and serve a healthy dinner on a rushed school night. Sharing (and learning) new techniques with other food lovers. Inspiring people to grow their own love of food. Now I’m yearning to learn more about food and the nutrition side of it – how it helps and heals our bodies.

That’s what this blog is about. Inspiring, sharing and loving good food.

I also blog at The Strands Of Me.

Happy Cooking! 

To Contact Me:

E: daneylgreen@thestrandsofme.com


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